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A Loss Of Innocence

One, two, three! Tears rolled down her cheeks

Hung on her puffy face, as if tempting to drop like rain on a rosebud.

My desires have sunk, running deep, like the deepest wound.

As I lost myself in her, the warmth of her flesh, of her blood, of her hymen

Made my compass strike the north of her depth, determined not to miss.

My dear Bethlehem of joy! How magnificent is your frame.

Seems that it is carved with stern and detailed lines of that of the finest marble sculpture

Of a beauty as Cleopatra herself.

Your canvas of happiness, so soothing, so soft, so inviting to my many stains of hues.

How moist your inner loin was, as my seed was planted in your barren garden.

Ecstasy is but a word, but tonight, my ears deceived me not.

It breathed, sighed, whispered in the air of swimming passions.

“You took! You took! You took! It said!”

A smirk outlined my tainted smile: One of glee, of conquer ship, of arrival.

A Virgin’s Loss was mine to the taking! Stupid Bitch of girl was she!

“Where the fuck is my trousers?” It is time, you served my purpose well.

Cries and sobs! Followed by a gunshot, smothered my ears! As I closed the door of stupidity.

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