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A Savior Falls Not For Lust

Your words ooze such sexuality!

Just look at my face! You have the very frost turning to tears.

A brief conversation I had with myself!

At that very moment I questioned my gentleman traits

And wondered if I should fall prey to your sensuous bait.

How you tease me with a glimpse of your loins!

Making the very sweat on me, flow like an overflowed river.

Calm and poised I must remain though!

The very kingdom’s heart depends! I should not fail?

Like a prey sensing its victims weakness! You pounced on me!

As a cat would a ball! Caught I did myself though and avoided the fall.

How bold were you to try and climb my Great Wall.

But I withstood and am still standing tall.

If Heaven is your body my lady, then I ask?

Where are the doors that lead to hell!

So lustful and well carved is your frame!

Makes me wonder from whose womb did you came!

Comparable to a Great Dame you are, your beauty your greatest asset.

Samson I am not though dear lady of wonder, my duty is done here now!

Gone I am!

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