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A Well Paid Price

Updated: Jan 30

Broken bones, colorful bruises, bloody skin I may have!

But what say that of you? A broken heart I presume.

In due time my injuries will heal.

What say that of yours?

I got battered because of your secret.

Told you once, twice maybe,

That a secret is not a secret unless only one person knows it.

Has my point been now proven, as my skin glows with as many blows?

You pleasured with your body not your heart!

But look at the outcome, it has tore you two apart.

I blame him not for his anger, for certainly the man in him did what it had to.

Giving him pleasure as if he slayed a captured thief.

Maybe a thief I am, for I stole what was once his.

Enjoyed I did for what I took, now it seems that I am off the hook.

I payed my price for indulging in your passion.

Now disappear I will now, as if I was a bodice: Out of fashion.

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