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Beneficial For Whom

So something I see that has made its way back is the old friends with benefits adage. Do you believe friends with benefits can truly be a thing in these modern times? or is that so like Hilary Duff says, "So yesterday, So yesterday." More times than not, I have noticed that usually one partner begins to develop feelings and eventually wants more and we all know when feelings come into play hurt is just around the river bend(yes a Pocahontas reference). More times than not one person catches feelings first and wants more and then you find yourself in a, it's complicated Let's call it what it is, will we! friends with benefits is just a satisfaction grab with someone you most likely just want sex from. If not, you try to lock that shit down asap. Do you think people go around being delusional and fool themselves to think that a friends with benefits situationship is actually a relationship? I think some do. If he or she didn't care for me or have feelings for me, then why would they want to see me all the time? Duh!! for bootay that's why. You serve a purpose for a need and carnal desire. So ask yourself if you find yourself in this position. What are we? if you are left with multiple answers, you are just an one call away pleasure escape.

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