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Conversation Between My Mistress And I

I rather the pleasures of the flesh than say that of the mind

My muscles complains with aches

Are you blind? Can’t u see! My dear, I have the hands of love

My love for you extends to heart and soul

You use your hands one minute to hide and tantalize

Then the very next, to invite and demand

Such treasures are your naked features

How I would love to swim in your warmth

Love to seduce your sweet virginal delights of flesh.

My tongue lingers for the sweet taste of your heavenly juices

Please my love, come, come I say, if only the words I could sway

My silent thunder I must obey, resist me not today!

I am hungry for every single flesh exposed to my cannibalistic eyes.

For what do you wait? I am ready to explore you and leave you shaking like an earthquake.

Your body welcomes my precious commodity, oh how it fits there automatically!

Let the passions overwhelm your every contorting vessels, feel me and I feel you.

It is time my dear, have no fear, love swims in you.

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