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Letting Go

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

You fell for me as rapid as a bird stoned in flight.

Let go of longing after me; it hurts less that way.

I had to let you go; I did not feel protected or loved by you.

I felt confined.

Utter loneliness you planted in my heart.

Surprised you should not be that it tore us apart.

Fell I did for you through my eyes, clouding my judgment with your sweet lies.

They left me hypnotized; ultimately I realized and saw quickly to our demise.

Should have known then that you were a lie in disguise.

Your cries filled my skies, like fireflies.

You were my greatest failure, and hurt I still am.

Why are you still holding on to something you never had?

Has it driven you mad, knowing that I am the best thing you ever had?

Speak and I will listen.

Your questions are driving me insane.

They do not ease, but increase the pain.

A victim I am of your false love, into the sea I am now departing.

Leave me now and forever more, and this burden you carry you will learn

To endure on your own.

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