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Sitting here in total solace, lost in the grief of my mind.

Head spinning like an orbit, sadness eclipses my sun of happiness.

Gloom instead, holds steadfast to what little I have left known of peace of mind.

One breath, then two I take, hoping to beat this depression, the decision I must soon make.

My eyes drifts shut, I have yet returned to this utter and lonesome darkness.

The road I know so well, a stranger by the roadside, resembles the devil himself from hell.

Adrenaline builds slowly as I see the fiery red skin, blood it is not, flames makes it obvious.

The path is clear, I must somehow awake from this nightmare, But I doubt, that which I fear.

Yes I said to myself! I knew it was he, for he no one else would be.

He threatens me, vows to destroy me, make me his very bitch.

With a twitch, I considered making a pitch, but to my dismay, there in the road he already made a ditch.

A million thoughts at that very moment surfaced in my star cluttered sky.

I fear him I know, but I must confront him this I know.

Devil from hell, let me be, I am not yours to keep, for you I shall no longer weep.

Hark I say, get out of my way, My heavenly father is calling me, move I say.

The spirit of my father then rushed in me, swam through my veins, I feel no pain.

With one glow of light, the red man disappeared out of sight

I then ascended to an unknown height. The cloud of fields I see, with the word happiness as its sun!

Could it be? I am now free? Happiness wants to be with me?

She rushed and hugged me and wore me as her outer garment.

I am now wrapped up in peace, a peace of mind that I, I have been searching.

The depression I feel no more, for I know in this happiness I have found a cure.

Grief and sadness, withered like the worm they called Earth.

I am happy! Happy I say. Proudly I open my eyes and look forward to my day.

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