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Peasant Of Love

Sitting here on my bench

Oh how I pray for a glimpse from my dream lass

She sits at the pond, singing in a voice that sets my heart afloat.

How fond I am of her.

I am but forgotten!

For she does not seem to notice me

The Valiant Knight Demetrius, is all she sees.

How can I, a peasant! ever match such a man.

He is whole, I am but a half

Does she not see that he is a womanizer?

I beg of you lord! Please remind her.

If only for a day! She would open her heart and

Listen to all the sweet things I have to say.

Does she not know?

I am the richest man in the land.

For I am a not just a peasant, but one filled with love.

So my dear lady! pick me when the marriage bell rings.

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