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Knock Knock Knock! Bang Bang Bang!

Standing in line behind a girl that was not a ten but nine.

A smile and delighted face greeted her gaze!

With her beauty I was amazed.

Her eyes greeted mine, but not with kindness, but horror.

Fell she did in my arms, boy was she warm.

Drips of blood, tainted my fingers where I held her firmly.

My heart sped as a Ferrari did, panic filled my lungs.

Gently at my feet she laid, breathing as if a hot balloon.

On my knees I held her in my arms, as time counted down in her eyes.

Her dark eyes pleaded with mine, begging and praying it was not her time.

Haunting forever that look in my memory, as she cried, then died.

Bang Bang Bang! It was the leader of a gang.

Witness was I, as each bullet found already dying flesh.

Blood gushed, my cheeks blushed, adrenaline rushed.

Metal grazed my bones, but fear I did not, for a dot found the spot.

Tires screeched, an agreement was breached, for their leader was reached.

Revenge gone bad, what a life she would have had, commented her dad.

A senseless act of violence, she left and he theft.

Sobs Sobs Sobs! Pour on the dirt.

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