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The Complexities Of Hurt

Isn't It Amazing? How We Let Hurt Steer the course of our lives. Who is the culprit I ask? Most say love. But if it so, where does wisdom and choice stand? Human Nature it is, to shift blame perhaps.

To know what love is! is my mission. Am I going to fall prey to its webs when it does me wrong? Will my voice no longer be my might? Will my feet no longer walk? I will know someday.

Faith and Hope seems to be a hearts healer. But a broken heart resists. Why hurt when one can heal? Life is but a few memories. Hold on to the great ones and let go of the bad. But A broken heart defies logic. Why?

Love makes one think with their heart! But is not the brain in the head for a reason? Heal gentle hearts, heal I Pray. Come back to knowledge I say.

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