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The Forrest And The Castle

Updated: Jan 28

Luscious green by day, ghastly black by night.

The Forest below the Castle has a split personality.

Birds chirp, frogs burp, when the sun shines.

Snakes hiss, the shadows kiss, when the moon glows.

One, two, three! My compadres and I made our way through the day.

Moving at a swift pace, in order to avoid staying the entire month of May.

June, the month of gloom, we swept to our destination like a broom.

What waits inside? Our doom or a room! The knob turns, enter we did.

Darkness traced the architecture, laughter the hidden hallways.

Explorers extraordinaire we all are, brave beings indeed.

Fear planted its seed, indeed! A trap door found our feet.

Yells and screams, but it was not a dream, we woke up in a stream.

Black slime, green mimes, oh how I wish we were blind.

A dungeon filled with abnormal creatures, with eerie and magical features.

Attack! Whack Whack! At our gaze we were amazed!

For at our feet these creatures laid dazed.

At the end of the stream our eyes caught a beam, or so it seemed.

Ran and then swam, the beam was an exit! Pursued, we made use.

Our bodies were abused as we hit the waterfall, but relief healed.

Laughter and Hugs foretold that we lived; we lived to tell our great tale.

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