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What Is This? A Friendship or Situationship.

Updated: Jan 30

Why is it, that when we really want something we always feel afraid to ask. Whether it be for a raise with your job or simply in a relationship. This always puzzled me. Are we just conditioned to be like this? or could it just be that we get in our own way and self doubt and fear holds us back. I look around and see people I know dating and they just coast along having no meaningful conversations and months into it they look around wondering how they got into the situationship and why the other person won't lock them down. So time to vent, lol. This always irritated me, because if you're not telling the person that you are dating what you honestly truly want, then why would you expect for them to know what you need. Newsflash! People are not mind readers. To get what you want you have to ask the right questions. Expectations only lead to disappointment and a waste of your time. You want that guy or girl? Let them know, be crystal clear so both parties are on the same page. Time is so precious and we have people out here wasting each others time. If a person is really into you, they will shows it over and over again. If you are left confused then that's your mind telling you to run brah! Also just because you have sex with the person, does not mean they are yours.

This whole new wave of claiming people is just annoying. Did they ask to be claimed? Did they say they are yours? Know your worth and then proceed accordingly. If you are not getting what you want out of a relationship, friendship, situationship or any other ship, then speak up ask the right questions and if it falls on deaf ears then bounce homie.

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